dimanche 23 avril 2017

Presentation of slave of the week.


The slave of the week is a lottery. Every week, a candidate is randomly selected.

It's a slave exposure concept. It's open to every sub, slave and other peaple want to be humiliate and exposed.

All losing candidates are automatically candidate for the next week (except if they don't want to continue) with more chance to win.

In addition to the slave of the week, every month you can vote for the slave of the month and every year for the slave of the year.

It is exactly the same principle of the small penis loser of the week (http://sph-week.blogspot.fr/) but it's open to female gender and male with big dick. If you are a small penis loser, you can participate to both of the lottery!

To participate you can send mail at soumisgre@gmail.com with :
-> at list one picture with your small dick
-> a mail (publicly exposed if you win)
-> a global location (at list the country)
-> your gender

If I make language mitake, sorry but I'm french! Don't hesitate to mail me at soumisgre@gmail.com

Or you can use this form (if you have public pics) :

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